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Atari Computer Enthusiasts (NSW) is an independent, non-profit computer users group for owners and users of Atari Computers. While we are recognised by the Atari Corporation throughout the world, as the official Atari Users' Group in NSW, we have no connection with them. ACE NSW was founded in 1982, catering at first to the 8 bit Ataris. Following the inception of the Atari ST, the club's membership is now predominantly made up of ST owners.
Our aims include the promotion of the various Atari personal Computer Systems, the education of both beginners and advanced users in
programming techniques, exchanging, hints, tips, ideas, and explaining the special features of Atari Computers. ACE NSW has twenty officer positions, elected annually, responsible for carrying out the various functions of the club.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) actively involve members interested in persuing particular uses of Atari computers. At present there is a Music SIG coordinated by Phillip White, which exchanges information concerning the use of the midi ports built into every Atari ST. A GFA SIG is also active. John Hutchinson is writing a continuing series on programming in GFA basic, which appears in Inside Info. Both these SIGS have areas set aside for them on ACE's Bulletin Board System.
Every member of ACE receives a copy of Inside Info the club's diskmag every two months. Inside Info contains news, software and hardware reviews, articles, technical information, hints, tips, help and general articles of interest. The club maintains a library of Atari books, and magazines from user groups all over the world, which members can borrow, through the club's librarian. The library also stocks some of the commercial magazines.
ACE NSW also has an extensive Public Domain software library, which is listed in Inside Info, and on ACE BBS. These disks can be purchased by members from the club's P.D. Software Exchange Officer. Prices for these compilation disks of Public Domain software are -

1 - 9 disks, $7.oo each including postage.
10 +  disks, $6.oo each plus postage.

Members receive 5% to 10% discounts on software/ hardware purchases at various retailers, on presentation of their membership card. The club purchases blank disks in bulk and offers them to members at cut prices, when available.

General Meetings are held monthly. They are informal and include demonstrations of Atari software and hardware, programming, etc. The meetings are in two parts, with a 15 to 30 minute break for general discussions and business (borrowing from the librarian, paying membership fees, etc). Public Domain software can be picked up at meetings if pre-ordered from the software officer.

Everyone is Welcome. Meetings begin at 1:00 PM on the FIRST SATURDAY of every Month. (NO MEETING IN JANUARY)


FEES. Membership is $30 per year. To join, Fill in the membership application form and send it with a cheque or money order made out to Atari Computer Enthusiasts (N.S.W.) and mail it to -

The Secretary (ACE NSW) GPO BOX 4514 SYDNEY 2001

Alternately, you may join at any General meeting.

Registration for ACE Buletin Board is $10.oo p.a. ($20.oo for non-ACE members). This covers the administration charges associated with the general running and maintaining of the on-line 24 hour system. Don't forget to keep a copy of whatever password you choose, in a safe place.


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