The Simpsons: Bart vs the World

Oh dear. Have Virgin decided to deliberately release crap games this year or is it a coincidence. First we had McDonaldland, then came Goal! and now we've got this - Bart vs the World. OK, so admittedly they have released some good games like Canon Fodder, but I'm sure that these crap games aren't doing too much for their sales. Still, Richard Branstone's got enough money to release a game called "Fly fishing by J.R. Harley". Ha ha ha. I'm incredibly funny but I just can't help it, you see.

I suppose you've already guessed what I think of this game. Yep - it's not too good. Not too good at all. But, nevertheless, I'll take you through it. Plot, graphics, sound and gameplay.....

The plot is weird. Basically, you just have to collect all these object things to prevent Bart and his family from being wiped off of the earth. I know - if you don't collect them, we won't see the hateful little cartoon character as he'll be whisked off to another planet. Wishful thinking, I know. After being put off by the title screen, you go on to the first level, screen, act or whatever they call it nowadays. It's China and there are several options. You have three in-games to play accessible by their signs and there's also a darkened sign which can't be selected. After playing the three games, you can then go on and play the fourth game because the darkened sign is now lightened and when its lightened you can play the fourth game. Brill. Oh yeah, and there's also an exit sign, too. This button is my favourite one.

After completing all four games in China you can then fight the obligatory end-of-level-baddie-nasty-person-thing. And after doing this, you go onto the next level.

The game is very frustrating because every time you die you have to do either a tile sliding game and a card memory game which you have only about two turns to match all the pairs up.

I don't really want to talk about this game any more. It's really very depressing. The screen flickers horribly, the graphics are colourful in more ways than one and if you were flying a Boeing 747 using the same joystick response technique as this one, British Airways would go bankrupt. The sound is also very bad. Very bad indeed. Every single game in the PD market is better than this one, and they don't cost œ25.99. Go and find something else to do, Bart - you're better at acting on the TV.

From: Virgin Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Contact: 081 960 2255 Price: œ25.99

The Uppers......

and the Downers

Overall: 10% * Soggy Slipper Award *

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