Grandad and the Quest for the Holey Vest

Everybody's heard of this, everybody knows it's good, but I wonder how many of you have got it. We're going to review it, to tell you just how brilliant this game, from Ian Scott, is.

Grandad has gone and lost his vest. He wakes up in the hall one morning to find all the doors locked, except one, and his string vest missing. It's a very chilly morning, so Grandad needs to find it or he'll die of hypothermia. Anyway, you have to help Grandad find it by solving loads of puzzles and talking to some other people like Lucy Lastic and The Kid from Next Door! Some puzzles are hard, some puzzles are OK and some puzzles are easy. The game starts off very easy and progresses to being very hard, at some points where you have to look up some words in a dictionary. There are also several clues to help you - these can be found in odd places like books or on doors.

The graphics in this game are nothing but brilliant. The detail that has gone in them is immense - when Grandad moves into the distance, him and his wheelchair (yes - he's in a wheelchair) get smaller, and when he comes towards you he gets closer. There's even a GB sticker on the back of his wheelchair! There are no sounds in the game; the odd little tinkle of music and a pinging noise when you select something, but nothing else. Really, the gameplay and addictiveness makes up for this. Grandad is really a truly brilliant game. If I were you, I'd order it from us straight away.

Before I go, I must remember to tell you that Grandad and the Quest for the Holey Vest is Shareware. To go into the cellar you require a code which is available for œ5 from Ian Scott. It really is worth registering; without the code you can't go any further. So go on - order it and register at the same time. You won't be disappointed!

From: Dynamic PDL/Most good PDLs Contact: 0983 867377 Price: Free with own disk and SAE, else œ1.00

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Overall: 95% * Gold Star Award *

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