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Hello everyone! And welcome to the first disk based issue of Atari Update! We are now Shareware, which means if you like us you must register. Our registering fee is œ1.50 and when you register your receive a newsletter full of even more articles and a disk packed with Public Domain. For more details on registering, see "Register Me!" under the MISC menu.

My name's David Pettifer and I'm the editor of Atari Update. Atari Update used to be on paper, but we found this to restrictive, so now we're on disk which means we can give you PD as well as articles! Anyway, on with what we've got in store for you this issue!

There are several games reviews; Another World is a graphic adventure game which is one of the best. Now it's been released on the budget label it's even better value for money. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy is also reviewed. Our little eggy fellow is back with more adventuring for all you budding Dizzy fans. We've also got the first part of the solution to this game for you to have a read of.

On the articles side we've got details of that new OS, OMEn (which will be on our registration disk) and also an article on viruses, describing the ins and outs of them. There's the first part of our two-part series on the Falcon, this week we're taking a look at this brilliant machine's hardware, next week it will be the software that's under the spotlight. Back to the Future sees an article on what a 1980's magazine thought the computers of the 1990's would be like, and the Best Glossy is where we've found out which glossy magazine is the best!

For all you serious people out there, we've got lots in store for you. The history of the floppy disk tells you about the floppy disk in the past, present and future, while Getting into MIDI describes what you need to start producing brilliant songs. There are reviews of the ColourBurst colour hand scanner on the Falcon, MT730 page printer, Stereo Master sound sample, Write ON word processor and Gemini CD- ROM amongst other things while in the regulars section we've got the latest news, your letters, a column called Inside Info (where we look at all the illegal stuff that's going on in the computer market) and a huge column dedicated to the Jaguar. There's also The Monthly Ad which is where all your adverts and company adverts are placed. Want to find a bargain? Well, try looking in there.

PD Review is where we review all the Public Domain and Shareware stuff. This issue we've got reviews of Atari Text, Smooth Talker and Midi Maze II. Midi Maze II is THE BEST multi-player game there is, and will be appearing on our registration disk, while Smooth Talker is a brilliant speech synthesizer. Atari Text is a teletext simulator, believe it or not, for displaying disk mags and catalogues! These are just a few of the reviews!

Under the Misc menu we've got how to register this diskmag, your stars and a feature on contributing to Atari Update amongst other things.

Have a brilliant read,

David Pettifer, Editor.

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