Another World

Frustrating, brilliant, eerie, dangerous and mind blowing are all the things that I think of when somebody says, "Another World". Another World has to be one of the best graphic adventure games around on the ST. You take on the role of Professor Lester Chaykin who, in a freak lightning accident, has been transported to another dimension, hence the title, "Another World". The aim of the game is to get out of this other dimension alive and well, but this is easier said than done.

On loading the game you are shown a brilliant animation of Lester in his lab being struck by lightning and then you are shown onto the main game. The graphics are brilliant, and animation is smooth and slick. The animation makes the game feel really weird - you really feel as though you're the guy in the game! Sound effects are also brilliant, there's a howling wind in the background that adds the eerieness to the game, and things like roaring when you're being chased by a beast.

On the first level, Lester can run, walk, jump, crouch and kick. However, on the second level, Lester finds a gun which can shoot, produce a force field or a huge energy ball that can blast enemies' force fields away and blast away parts of walls. All throughout the game there are mini animations; when you crouch down to pick up the gun a small animation is played, for example. It really is good.

Be prepared to get very frustrated, though. Even on the first level, finding out what to do is hard! If you don't push up on the joystick at the start of the game straight away, you'll be killed - that shows how hard Another World is. But, never mind, there are code words which allow you to start at other parts of the game - providing you've been there before, and although it's very frustrating (you feel like hitting your ST with a sledgehammer!), it's also very addictive. Be warned, you'll keep coming back for more.

US Gold have certainly got a winner with this one, and because its a budget game you won't have to part with much of that precious paper, money! I'd go and buy this now if you've got œ14.99 to spare!

From: Premier Mail Order Contact: 0268 271172 Price: œ14.99 - MINIMUM MEMORY, 1MB

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Overall: 90% * Silver Star Award *

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