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A few months have passed since the latest paper based Atari magazine hit the marketplace, and we’ve decided to pop back and see how they’re doing.

ST+ Fanzine 25 (AT13, 90%) impressed us considerably, however there have been a number of changes since then - not least the loss of their editor Dave Hollis. Thankfully Richard Clark stepped in and has been doing an admirable job.

They have now reached issue 29 (June 1998). On opening the impressively customised envelope, I was greeted with a cover which was a somewhat stomach-churning shade of green! The cover picture depicted a few hot air balloons, one of which was in the shape of the Atari logo.

The actual appearance of the magazine has been extremely consistant over it’s first few issues and Gordon Storey is doing an excellent job of turning contributors text files into presentable and attractive articles.

In terms of content, this issue is as impressive as all the others, there are reviews of Atari Times 13, Noddy’s Playtime, Micro Maths, EC909 and Scribble Synth. There are also a couple of emulation based articles, one covering PaCifiST on the PC, and the other a Falcon, Atari 800 emulator. The popular HTML and DTP tutorials (and the slightly less popular but still interesting STOS tutorial) continue enabling beginners to get more from their machines. John Gill tells us about his Falcon upgrades, and the Portfolio also gets a mention this issue with a two-page article by John Adams.

As always, the magazine also carries the latest news in the Atari world, and all the regular sections (such as Rich 10’s User Groups) are present.

All this is interspersed with adverts from a number of Atari supporting people and companies, and the presentation is top-notch.

In short, the ST+ Fanzine is as impressive as ever and comes highly reccomended...

ST+ Fanzine 29
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Richard Clark, 1 Rokeby Close, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 2NA

Colin Polonowski
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