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Despite the excellent turnout at last month's Birmingham and London Atari Shows, there were obviously quite a number of dedicated users who were simply unable to attend on the relevant dates. As well as being an ideal opportunity to meet up face to face with old friends (often for the first time) and see the very latest software releases first hand, these events are also a bargain hunter's paradise.

Well Floppyshop were no exception to the rule. We had more than our fair share of "not to be missed" bargains on the day. Amongst these were a number of PD & Shareware packs specially created for the Shows, all at lower than usual prices of course. For a limited period, we are offering these extra value packs at Show prices plus P&P (UK 1.25 pounds, Europe 2.25 pounds, Rest of World 3.00 pounds). None are in our regular catalogue, so please order them by name. There are 8 packs in all. Here's what's available:-

The Vector Clip Art Collection

A collection of over 800 images in GEM Metafile format for use with Timeworks, PageStream, Calamus, Easy Text Pro and many other packages. Because these are vector images, they can be scaled as large or small as you wish without loss of quality. Jazz up your club newsletters, jumble sale flyers and more with images from this value pack. Probably the largest collection of (non CD based) vector ClipArt for use on Atari computers. Amazing value at just 6 pounds plus P&P for the FIVE DISK PACK, that's less than 1p per image!

Also available is Vector Art '97, a low cost commercial release which contains over 420 CVG images for use in Calamus. If you have not already seen the press release for this product, just ask and I'll send it to you.

Communications Starter Pack

Six disk set which includes the very best Shareware releases to get your modem talking to the outside world. This includes Internet software, packages for accessing BBS's (or setting up your own) and software for sending and receiving faxes. Lets take a quick look at what's included:-

CONNECT 2 - Top GEM based package for general comms use. Dial up your local BBS or set up a direct modem link with a friend. CONNECT supports all popular terminal emulations and file transfer protocols.

STarCall - An impressive integrated comms package comprising of a terminal emulator, a BBS (yes, run your own BBS with this one!) and fax modem software. The fax software is amongst the best around.

Oasis 2 - An integrated suite of programs which offer complete (except WWW) Internet access. Handles email, newsgroups, telnet, ftp and much more, all in a nice easy to use GEM shell. Bundled with HS Modem 7, an essential serial port patch for use with all comms packages.

WWW Pack - The nearest you'll get to Netscape on your Atari. Features full on-line WWW browsing, telnet, email, internet relay chat, weather forecasting and much more.

All this comes bundled together on SIX DISKS for only 8 pounds plus P&P. Please note that this pack requires a hard drive and 1 Mb of RAM.

Hewlett Packard Printer Support Pack

Despite printer manufacturers' total lack of support for Atari computers, using a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet or Deskjet with your Atari could not be simpler. The ever resilient Atari community have written their own software to drive these printers!

This four disk pack contains just about everything you'll ever need for your HP printer including printer drivers for all the top Atari packages, screen dump utilities, graphic file printing at 300 dpi (in colour for models which support this), alternative fonts and the software to download them (may require additional hardware), envelope printing, creation of A5 booklets from ASCII text and a whole lot more besides!

It includes several printer controllers which let you set the current font and customise other features in software which are normally only accessible via dipswitches. If you don't have dipswitches we've even included a program to get round the problem!

Most programs/files are Deskjet 500 based and therefore compatible with all Deskjets (500 and 600 series) and Laserjets. A few are Laserjet specific.

The pack also includes SpeedoGDOS drivers for Laserjet, Deskjet 500 series and Deskjet 600 series. Yes, you can even print at 600 dpi in colour if you have SpeedoGDOS 5 and a 600 series printer!

FOUR DISK pack for just 5 pounds plus P&P.

MagiC Support Pack

This pack contains numerous utilities designed to make MagiC even better than it already is. Background printing (without NVDI), networking, the look and feel of Mac System 8, enhanced window management, Windows 95 look-alike features and iconification of any program. These features can all be added easily using the supplied programs.

Over 20 programs included. Key applications include Window Commander, ALICE, Iconify File Server, Stewart, Start Me Up, Appline, DUET, two multi-tasking XControl replacements and the excellent Multi-Tasking Tools. You can even create your own MagiC ROM chips if you have access to an EPROM blower!

The vast majority of programs in this package require MagiC v3 or later, although some will work with MagiC 2. All (except MAGIC ROM) also work fine on MagiCMac and MagiCPC. Some programs also work with MultiTOS and Geneva but most are MagiC ONLY.

FOUR DISK pack for just 5 pounds plus P&P. Needs 1 Mb RAM and MagiC v3 or later.

MIDI Programs Pack

A collection of over 50 useful packages which are not synth-specific and can be used with any MIDI based device.

Includes three MIDI tutorials and MIDI Music Maker which lets you play 13 different types of chip Music from the ST, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64 and PC or convert these into SMF (type 0 or 1) format, allowing them to be played back on any synthesiser

Contents include: MIDI scope, MIDI Talk, ByteOven, Chord Master, MIDI Maps, In Control, Robo Bop, Voicesel,The Panic Button, Chordial, MIDI Foxx, MIDI Spectra, Real Arp, Dump It, ST MIDI Ex, Midian, SMF Play, The Piano Player, MIDI Play, ST Muse, Patch Pad, GM Selector, Musicalc, Cubase Help, MIDI Mouse Music, C Beat, Solid Beat, Piano Notes, Real Time MIDI Event Analyser, Delay Calculator, MIDI Menu, Schoenberg, Local Control, IROS, Algorithmic Musical Instrument, ST Thru, MIDI Router and more.

SIX DISK PACK for just 8 pounds plus P&P.

MIDI Files Pack

This was our best selling non-commercial pack at the recent Shows. It contains all the MIDI files from our collection on four disks. These cover just about every possible musical taste including Classical, Jazz, Folk, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Ragtime, Soul and Reggae.

Fully compatible with all MIDI sequencers which support SMF format files. This includes many Shareware packages and most commercial ones. These files can be used with any MIDI synthesiser. We have deliberately eliminated any which were intended for use with a specific make or model of synth.

Many of the files are supplied as free samples from larger professional and semi-professional colections. As such they are of excellent quality and you can order more directly from the companies or individuals concerned.

FOUR DISK pack with almost 250 MIDI files for just 5 pounds plus P&P.

The Bournemouth CFN Collection

Over 320 professional quality (each character of every font has been individually kerned by hand) fonts on 20 DS/DD disks, making this the largest single collection of low cost Calamus fonts ever created.

Supplied in Calamus CFN format and fully compatible with all versions of Calamus, Outline Art, the entire Digital Arts' series of products and others.

Most fonts are supplied as complete font families (with genuine italics and bolds rather than mere slanted and thickened versions). Where else can you get Helvetica in 19 different weights & styles?

Grouped logically into their respective font styles. The Bournemouth Collection includes Serif, Sans Serif, Modern Display, Old Display and Script styles, so there's something for everyone.

Converted from PostScript originals , every font has been edited and kerned manually to ensure perfect results.

TWENTY DISK set for just 25 pounds plus P&P. Yes, that's under 8p per font!

The Bournemouth PostScript Collection

Over 320 professional quality fonts on 16 DS/DD disks, making this one of the largest collections of high quality low cost PostScript fonts available for Atari computers.

Supplied in PostScript format and fully compatible with PageStream v2 and any SpeedoGDOS compatible application when SpeedoGDOS v5 or NVDI v3 or later is installed. NVDI users please note that you will require the additional PostScipt module as NVDI does not ordinarily support the use of PostScript fonts.

Most fonts are supplied as complete font families (with genuine italics and bolds rather than mere slanted and thickened versions). Where else can you get Helvetica in 19 weights & styles?

Grouped logically into their respective font styles. This collection includes Serif, Sans Serif, Modern Display, Old Display and Script styles as well as a small Miscellaneous section with mostly dingbat type fonts, so there's something for everyone in this collection.

SIXTEEN DISK set for just 20 pounds plus P&P. Yes, that's under 7p per font!

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